Gunnhildr is Doom meets The Binding of Isaac with a narrative told through re-playability.

Taking place on the Norse world of Niflheim you are Gunnhildr, the only warrior to ever achieve the honor of becoming an ancient. Niflheim is in the midst of an uprising due to their corrupt leadership and a reliance on halite, a natural resource which allows for their atmosphere to be breathable. Help her lead the uprising and secure a future for the planet and its people!

You are Rorik Forkbeard, a hero of the Norse land of Midgard. Rorik is tasked with awakening the hibernating gods to banish the demon Malphor back to its imprisoning dimension. 4-Player co-op allows you to bring up to three friends with you in exploring the vast world of Midgard, gather its secrets and fight your way through a host of gods, monsters and demons.

Drykkur combines the fast-paced action of side-scrolling beat ’em ups and the labyrinthine maps of dungeon crawlers to create a unique RPG playing experience.