Boston Indies Demo Night : July 16th

We here at RatDog Games are happy to announce that we will be attending this months Boston Indies Meetup. Unlike the last meeting we attended which featured a keynote (by Owlchemy Labs) this months theme is demo night. Developers will be bringing builds of what they are currently working on to share with the group.

This works out perfectly as gaining feedback is an area we feel hasĀ alludedĀ us in the past. Up until Kozmos nobody outside of the development team played our games before release. This resulted in terrible tutorials, awkward learning curves, and overall confusion that could have been avoided. After working on a project for so long you tend to lose sight of how it is played when picked up for the first time. With Kozmos we opened up the testing phase to allow for friends and family to give feedback (about 10 extra people). While still not a huge group our results were vastly improved. This change went a long way towards making Kozmos our most successful release to date.

We currently have two games in development, one is EverDead: Zombie Apocalypse (info can be found on our website) while the other has yet to be announced. EverDead is roughly 40% complete while our other title is still in prototype phase. We consider this to be the perfect time to try and gain feedback because it is still early enough that we can incorporate major changes. Especially in the prototype we are attempting a unique control scheme so feedback is incredibly important. We need to find out if the game is even a good idea to begin with.

You can expect to see a few images posted here after the meetup but if you want to see the game in person feel free to come to the Boston Indies Meetup!


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