Kickstarter Highlight: Week of January 21st

Welcome to the first week of RatDog Games Kickstarter Highlight!

Once a week we will be highlighting one Kickstarter project that we feel the world should know about. Crowdfunding is a beautiful thing for indie developers and we here at RatDog Games do everything in our power to help indies like ourselves succeed ( as seen by our current 27 backed projects on Kickstarter). Instead of frivolously spending money we try to reserve our pocket money for helping make awesome game concepts a reality. Just think how many more amazing games would be released if we all spent even five dollars a week on a Kickstarter campaign!



Our first Kickstarter Highlight is: Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake by Sleep Ninja Games

“An environmental puzzle game, akin to nostalgic dungeon-style puzzle games like The Legend Of Zelda, for iOS & Desktop” is how Justin Baldwin describes his companies project. I’m sure many of you got excited simply because he mentioned The Legend of Zelda as an inspiration for the game, now add Pokemon like monsters with a gorgeous art style and you get a game with incredible potential. My only concern for the project is if $15,000 is enough. Given three team members, Disasterpeace commissioned for game audio (Fez), Unity licenses, and a release date of August 2013 that money will be gone quicker than most people think.

 What I like about the Campaign: 

  • Pitch Video:
    • Justin made me feel personally attached to the project by introducing himself and the team as soon as possible
    • Showed off flashes of gameplay
    • Displayed his passion for the project
  • Headline Imagery
    • Bring the reader further into the game world
    • Highlight the beautiful art inspired by Japanese pop up art
    • Shows the creator took time to create the campaign
  • Screenshots
    • Make the player feel more secure about backing (even if the screenshots aren’t actual gameplay)
      • Seems closer to completion ( nobody wants to wait 2 years to play a game they back)
      • Less risk of being fake and running away with backer money
  • Humor
    •  Advertising lots of cake as a feature
    • May cause imaginary diabetes”
    • May infuriate those who hate having fun”
  • Reward Images
    • Lets face it, many people tend to glance over the images of a project then go back and read if it peaked their interest
      • Having images could be the difference between someone breezing through the campaign description and staying for awhile to consider pledging

What Would I Change?

  • Cover Tweet
    • Over 50% of the most successful campaigns mention the name of the game in the cover tweet
    • Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake is a long title so MAMC may have been a good substitute to get gamers using the acronym  ( make #MAMC popular on Twitter!)
  • Single Platform Release
    • Based off comments I have seen on various campaigns many gamers fear that the PC/Mac versions would be “gimped” due to the game being co-developed for mobile.
      • Others simply have a bias against mobile games and will avoid the campaign because of it
    • Releasing on PC/Mac would provide Sleep Ninja Games the opportunity to have a second Kickstarter for help in porting the game over to mobile (good option to leave open in case they run out of funding earlier than expected)
      • Star Command did this successfully in the opposite direction
  • More Detailed Team Section
    • Backers love to feel a personal relationship to the team they are funding
    • I would have suggested giving each team member a short blurb about themselves.
      • What each team member has previously worked on
      • Favorite games ( hopefully of the same genre as the campaign game)
      • Mention a lifelong love of cake as an inspiration for the game

Overall Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake has a great chance of being funded due to Sleep Ninja Games taking the time to create a quality campaign.


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