Kickstarter Highlight: Week of January 28th

Has it been a week already? It’s about time we have another Kickstarter Highlight!

This weeks highlight is a local project from a man named Seth Alter who is a fellow Boston Indie. He is extremely passionate about his work and it certainly shows in his current project.  Neocolonialism by Subaltern Games

“The game is about ruining the entire world via unchecked capitalism. This is a game of tense negotiation, staggering sociopathy, and sarcasm. This is a game of world conquest without any armies or war–you never own any piece of land, but you will become a powerful influence throughout the globe.”

Neocolonialism currently has five days left and is trending to barely reach it’s goal of $10,000. It is certainly appealing to a niche market but I am not surprised it has not gained much steam ( even after receiving some positive press). Down to the concept of having the map upside down ( to give a sense of discomfort) shows the attention to detail Seth has put into designing the game. His campaign however leaves a bit to be desired, but don’t let that fool you into glancing over this diamond in the rough!

 What I like about the Campaign: 

  • Alpha Kickstarter: 
    • Being a niche game Seth knew he would need to get to at least alpha before getting any funding
    • Providing a free playable alpha ( before backing) really helps close the deal on anyone who would be interested in playing the game
  • Personal Video
    • Simply reading the campaign could lead to a person leaving confused, so having a descriptive pitch video was probably for the best

What Would I Change?

  • Gameplay Video
    • Having the open alpha is a great idea, but adding a gameplay video would be an easy way to get people to even want to play the alpha
    • Sucking people in with a gameplay video at the top of the campaign could have also been enough to get some impulse backers
  • More Art!
    • Only having one image simply isn’t enough
      • A good amount of backers scroll through images before going back to read, one image means many users glanced through and moved on
      • Hiring someone to create some flashy images to represent the game could have made a big different in getting attention for the campaign
  • Less Restricting Rewards

    • The game currently has 2 $500 backers [ it's top tier reward], who is to say those people would not have pledged more if higher rewards were available?
    • Designing rewards is a difficult process and should have at least a week dedicated to ironing out details [ Seth has the basics there but some more elaborate rewards would have been a nice addition]
      • Kickstarter allows it’s members to create rewards up to $10,000 . Think of some fun and exciting things to make your die hard fans want to spend that much to make sure you succeed!

Neocolonialism is on it’s way towards being funded but it isn’t there yet, be sure to take some time to check out the project and help Seth’s dream come true!


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