January Game Dev Update

Some of you may be aware that we here at RatDog Games actually have two games currently in development. The first game is EverDead: Zombie Apocalypse which we have been working on for over a year now ( and will soon be released!) while the second is a project tentatively titled Loaded.

First off I will give a status update on EverDead. This month has consisted of implementing final features,creating final assets and a myriad of bug fixes.

Items Implemented: 

  • Survivor injuries / infections / healing
  • 7 soldier weapons
  • 11 pieces of equipment engineers can build
  • 5 special zombie Types

Art / Animation Progress:

  • Majority of the user interface has been created
  • All zombie types have been concepted and created
  • About 75% of zombie animations are completed
  • Weapon animations are completed for all initial survivor types

EverDead Work in Progress Screenshot

Loaded is a side scrolling beat ‘em up RPG with twists on reality & fantasy, over the top humor, customization and combat. Imagine mixing beat ‘em up elements from games like Castle Crashers, Shank and Streets of Rage with the gold standard action-rpg The Legend of Zelda into a game featuring parallel universes players can dynamically switch between. Loaded has a thought out story ( unlike many beat em ups), dungeons to explore and loot to collect. Creating a beat em up in this fashion has never been done before so we understand if that combination leaves you confused. If you spent your entire life in a room with yellow walls and a blue ceiling you would be confused when I described the color green to your for the first time :)

Below you will see concept images from Loaded, I could explain them but I’d prefer to let you all jump to wild and crazy conclusions. You can expect everything to make sense as we slowly release more information in the coming months.






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