Introducing Loaded

I am not the best at creating introductions to development blogs so please bear with me! It feels as if I am battling for your love much like an add on a dating website. If your looking for a tagline to represent Loaded here it is:

” Loaded is a side scrolling beat ‘em up RPG with twists on reality & fantasy, over the top humor, customization, loot and combat”

The goal behind Loaded is to deliver an experience unlike any other by incorporating elements from some of the best beat em ups of all time with games like The Legend of Zelda and Diablo. To add an even greater twist to the above combination the entire game revolves around two alternate universes which players have the ability to dynamically switch between. We want to provide players with a unique experience through an in-depth story ( which not many beat em ups have) along with dungeons, loot and a variety of other exciting RPG elements. Can a game mixing beat em up, action-rpg and dungeon crawler genres be done well? We here at RatDog Games certainly think so, and we truly believe Loaded will be an epic experience.

2012-08-02 14.58.06

I’d like to introduce you all to our protagonist Frank. Above you see a concept image of Frank in each universe. At first glance you will notice that these renditions are very different from one another, this is by design. The art styles for each universe are just as different and will really hit home the feeling of being in vastly different realities.

We have been working on Loaded for about four months now alongside EverDead so we still have a long way to go and a lot can change. A focal point of this game however is that we want to get fans involved from the beginning! I am going to make a point to update this dev diary as often as possible so everyone is up to date on all things Loaded.

Our IndieDB page for Loaded is:




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