Indie Tips from Boston’s Best

Lets face it, being an independent game developer is difficult. More likely than not, you will have more than one job and do everything possible to scrape by till you get off the ground. The first goal of course is to quit your full time job and focus entirely on your own game development company.However, this is easier said than done, in order to be entirely focused on your own company, you need to have enough money to at least survive . Therefore, you either need to have your first successful game or a large sum of money saved to hold you over until that is possible. Some companies will turn to contract work in order to avoid the “starving artist” role. In the end,as you can see, there are a wide variety of ways to achieve the ultimate goal of running your own successful independent games studio.

Two of Massachusetts most successful indie game developers are Fire Hose Games and Dejobaan Games. While both successful, they have arrived at their current status by taking two very different paths. Fire Hose Games has roughly a 60/40 split for doing contract work and developing their own IP [Intellectual Property]. Dejobaan on the other hand, works 100% on their own games. Depending on your goals in the industry there is a lot to be learned from either or both companies. As a company at RatDog Games we have mainly concentrated on our own IP’s to this point (Animal Control / Paint Wars / Kozmos / EverDead), but individually we each have experienced contract work. Both of these companies are our role models in the industry. They are today what we hope to be in the near future, credible companies with large fan bases that are known in the industry for creating quality entertainment!

Once a month groups of independent game developers meet for what is known as Boston Indies. We have been to Boston Post Mortem but have yet to make it to our first Boston Indies. We look forward to attending the Boston Indies monthly meetings in the future. The most recent meeting revolved around a variety of talks from game studios relating to the industry. One talk in particular caught our attention (coincidentally by the above two studios I had previously mentioned). The topic was “How to run an Indie Game Studio”. We hope this video will be as helpful and entertaining to you as it has been for us.

Part 1 ”How to run an Indie Game Studio”

Part 2 ”How to run an Indie Game Studio”

I will allow the videos to speak for themselves. In the end we just want to thank Eitan and Ichiro for taking the time to help other independent game developers who aspire to grow to their levels. Be sure to follow @dejobaan and @firehosegames [on Twitter] and support their upcoming games Drunken Robot Pornography & Go Home Dinosaurs !


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