Kozmos: Virtual Pets Version 1.2 in App Store!

The wait is finally over Kozmo Fans. Apple has approved the newest version of Kozmos: Virtual Pets and it should be available for download in the App Store sometime today.

Here is a short summary of the changes made in version 1.2:

  • 4th Kozmo Egg Added (bringing total evolutions past 60!)
  • New slot machine mini game
  • Bug fixes

Still not sure you want to give Kozmos a chance? Why not take a look at our latest review:


Cryptik (member of the Ubisoft Frag Dolls team) was nice enough to take a look at our indie game and leave a review. She described Kozmos as being “addicting” and having a “high fun factor”( among many other compliments! ). We are extremely happy to hear she has become a fan of the game and we hope to see more reviews like hers in the future.

Be sure to follow @CryptikFD and @FragDolls on Twitter and tell them that @RatDogGames sent you!


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