Loaded Dev Diary: Fun Facts

Having a game centered around a Viking hero means you need to become familiar with Viking culture and Norse Mythology. Outside of Thor Norse Mythology is greatly underused in movies/games. It is due to that fact that we are very excited to deliver an exciting story in the universe. This weeks post is going to focus on some of the interesting fun facts we have discovered along the way.

  • Vikings never wore horned helmets
    • It is believed that the myth came from descriptions of Vikings by their enemies ( they were seen as devilish creatures)
    • Most Vikings used leather helmets

  • Vikings did more than pillage
    • Majority were craftsman, farmers and traders. Only a small percentage were warriors

  • Vikings didn’t have long flowing locks of hair
    • Men shaved the back half of their head. On the front half of the head, the hair was left to grow long

  • Norse Mythology has The Norns which are very similar to the Fates of Greek Mythology. 
    • Consisted of thee women who would sew the fates of humans and Gods

  • Vikings used rune stones to depict grand adventures and provide warnings for travelers. 




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