Kickstarter Highlight: Week of February 25th

Endless runners are all the rage right now on mobile. After seeing the success of Temple Run hundreds of imitators have crowded the market (creating the endless runner genre). A similar scenario happened with tower defense games a few years back.. then Anamoly: Warzone Earth happened turning the genre on its head. Death Boulder Bones is hoping to do the same to endless runners.

Death Boulder Bones by Grandendroit

Death Boulder Bones is a revolutionary runner where you control the environment rather than the character. This means that, unlike most runners (such as Temple Run or Cannabalt), you are not directly choosing where the hero runs. Instead, you create walls, jumps, and more to keep him alive.”

The concept is certainly interesting and if done right could become very fun. The art does appear to be a bit too similar to temple run which is disappointing but not a killing point. Given that the developers have decided to use a level formula ( instead of endless) they have the potential for some really interested scripted events as well.


  • Unique Concept 
    • Reversing the endless runner formula is a refreshing concept
  • Show Attention

    • Receiving praise from someone like David Jaffe on The Next Game Boss! certainly helps
  • Multi-Platform
    • Releasing on ios/android as well as pc/mac/linux is a big plus for backer support

The Death Boulder Bones campaign is behind schedule but still in its infancy. Be sure to check out the page and let us know what you think!


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