Kickstarter Highlight: Week of March 4th

Remember Robert Bowling of Call of Duty fame? He has recently started a Kickstarter for his company Robotoki. If you’re expecting a first person shooter you would be mistaken. Robotoki’s creation draws inspiration from a time before the popularity of the FPS genre.

The Adventures of Dash by Robotoki

The Adventures of Dash follows the story of a narcoleptic nine year old boy. ” With every doze, every nap, every slip into that sweet sweet slumber, he finds himself in a brand new dream, filled with wildly different worlds to explore, puzzles to solve, dohickeys to find, foes to vanquish, and POGs to collect. ”

I’ll admit I am loving the games concept. The variety of art styles being pulled together is very exciting and I have full confidence the team can pull it off. The Adventures of Dash seems almost like a collection of mini games, one has to wonder if each dream will be part of greater story or remain individual experiences ( like the art styles)?


  • Variety of Art Styles 
    • No game has mixed so many art styles together; having each connected to a dream sequence is a lovely idea
  • High Profile Team
    • Robert Bowling, John Sahas and Danny Baranowsky have all worked on very successful projects in the past
  • Unique Rewards
    • Custom in-game arcades, figurines and in-game statues make up some of the interesting rewards offered to backers
  • Multi-Platform
    • Releasing on ios/android/ouya as well as pc/mac/linux is a big plus for backer support

Day 1 launches are usually met with a large surge of backers, surprisingly The Adventures of Dash has started rather slowly. With 29 days left it certainly has a chance to make up for the rough start. We can only hope this write up will help spread the word about an exciting project from an established team.


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